jeffreykiriboon: Hey cute stuff, hows it goin?

Jus trynna do mee

Under all circumstances, I still want you to be happy. I just wish I was the one who could continue to make you happy.


I miss you, but fuck you.

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Anonymous: I actually totally understand your situation, and I'm a girl too. I'm over my ex but it's been in my mind for a while now if I should let go of what we had and what we used to be, I want too but at the same time idk if I do...

I feel you girl preach #ShoutOutToHeartbreaks


Anonymous: How long was your relationship with him

not that long but we saw each other like everyday

Anonymous: But didn't he cheat on you?

its complicated

Anonymous: Mmmk I see, So do you still feel like you want to be with him again?

Yes a part of me does.

Anonymous: Would it be easier if you talked about this in private or would you rather not talk about it

I mean i told my friends about the breakup but like i have no control to change the situation anymore. Its all on him and telling others about this will not change anything.

Anonymous: Would you like to explain to me what happened?

Its a touchy subject.